GetBrassed! emphasizes a balanced repertoire in which both the young- and midlife crisis audiences will recognize familiar songs. Repertoire is selected for characteristics such as danceable, crude, familiar and hardcore brass.

Founded in 2013, the band consists of 10 experienced musicians, some of whom already have been playing together in various jazz and brass bands and thus have gained the necessary on stage experience. All the musicians fully focus on their style and choice of repertoire and this combination already earned them the compliments of inspiring bands. Genuine brass and subtle at the right time. The band is best described by the term POWER BRASS. GetBrassed! is inspired by bands like Youngblood Brass Band and The Soul Rebels.

Regularly invites for other musicians enables the band to play songs that are not directly linked to the standard instrument line-up. Think of a solo guitar, Hammond organ, singer or rapper. In recent years GetBrassed! played at various venues and major festivals including Breda and Bergen op Zoom. In September 2016 the band played as support act for Youngblood Brass Band and in 2017 we played live on national radio in The Netherlands.


You guys really nailed that Thriller version
(Youngblood Brass Band)

Much better than the last band!
(Roosmarijn Reijmer, 3FM)

One WALL of sound, nice!
(Youngblood Brass Band)

Every time it gets better and better


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